Blood collection needle, Vacutainer needle
Model:22G*1 1/2”
Material:Black Medical grade PVC material
Packing:Closed box
N.W./G.W.:0 / 0

Product information

Products NameBlood collection needle/Vacutainerneedle

Material: Medical grade PVC material

Colour: Yellow, Green, Black, Blue

Needle gauge: 20G ,21G,22G, 23G

Expiredperiod: 2 years

Components: Needle, cap and sleeve

Sterile: EO gas sterile

Certification: CE and ISO13485

Sample: Free

MOQ: 100,000pcs

Capacity: 500,000 pcs/day

Deliverydate: 7 days after replacing the order

Color         Specification

Blue           23G*1”           0.6*25mm

Black           22G*1”           0.7*25mm

Black           22G*1 1/2”        0.7*25mm

Green           21G*1”           0.8*25mm

Green           21G*1 1/2”        0.8*38mm

Yellow          20G*1”           0.9*25mm

Yellow          20G*1 1/2”        0.9*38mm

Pink            18G*1 1/2”        1.2*38mm